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Backgrounds & Buttons

65 different images, each in 7 different colors, all in 2 graphic formats, that's
910 backgrounds for only $19.95


To give your application or website a finished, exciting look, use professional quality backgrounds (wallpapers) and matching buttons.
Backgrounds (Wallpapers)
We have 65 different backgrounds, each in 7 colors. Every image is as small as possible to load quickly and reduce bloat, but large enough to show attractive details.
These backgrounds will give a beautiful look to any software, website, or printed material. The backgrounds tile seamlessly, for a perfect look-and-feel.
Backgrounds come in 7 colors (left). Here are most of the background patterns:

Please note that the images shown have been reduced and/or resized for this display.

Our button sets give your projects a clean, modern style. They go perfectly with our backgrounds, and with the Ace Brights Icon Set and Ace Lights Icon Set.
You get buttons in all the colors shown at left. Each color set includes 16 different sizes of buttons, in both square corner (shown below) and slightly rounded corner styles (shown at left), for a total of 32 buttons in each color. These button images are perfect for use on your website or in your software.
Remember that we have a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just contact us for a no-hassle refund.


Only $19.95